Meet the maker: Paulomi


This month's Meet the Maker star is Paulomi from Handmade by Tinni. Textile jewellery designer and maker - and a ray of sunshine if ever we knew one! Let’s find out more...

How long have you been interested in jewellery making?

Handmade by Tinni was a destined step for me, born out of my passion for handcrafted unique jewellery...AND… I am totally addicted to jewellery! My mum often teases me, saying that I am building a secret jewellery museum. Being an Indian by origin, I am spoilt for choice and variety. I am extremely proud of my eccentric collection which is a mix of vintage, one of a kind or contemporary design. 


Why did you start your business?

2020 was a turning point for me. I followed my lifelong ambition and finally launched my own sustainable jewellery brand. I love colour, I love handcrafted jewellery and I love travelling. My brand combines all these inspirations to create something unique. It's called Handmade by Tinni because Tinni is my pet name – it is like my alternate personality – cheeky, full of fun and colourful!

I decided to launch my brand in a very challenging time when the whole world was going through a crisis. Our life the way we know it, has changed drastically and some new habits are part of our normal now, hello ‘zoom’, ‘sanitisers’, ‘masks’, ‘lockdown’... etc. 

It is nerve wracking and scary for any business, let alone a new independent creative launch. Plus, I am a social person and pretty much thrive on face-to-face meetings and interactions. So, the lack of human interactions at craft fairs or exhibitions, really added to the challenge. 

But when life throws you a lemon, you learn to make a lemonade with it. 

“Do more of what makes you happy!”


How would you describe your jewellery collection in three words? 

Colourful, Statement and Sustainable.


What inspires your designs?

My design inspiration comes from the bright colours of nature, amazing places that I have travelled to over the years, and most importantly from the rich heritage of India. 


What's your favourite Handmade by Tinni design?

It is very hard to pick among all your creations as you put little bit of your soul in each of them. However, if I really must, I will choose the ‘Love’ word necklace.

This was the first design that really earned my place in our creative community and became my signature design. I have since created several custom word necklaces as I can make any word (4/5 letters max recommended) into wearable pieces.



Can you give us any teasers about what new necklace designs are on the horizon?

Think of interconnected geometrical shapes like circles, ovals, triangles, rectangles in your next necklaces...


What's the best part of your job?

️  I believe jewellery has the power to bring joy in our day. This motivates me to design colourful and fun jewellery that can make you glow with happiness and stand out in a crowd.

️ I hope my jewellery will make you feel proud too - my designs are handmade, sustainable, and unique - and you are supporting a local business.



Sustainability is such a key part of your jewellery brand - can you tell us more about how put this at the centre of your work?

As an earth-loving soul, I want to make designs that do not harm our world any further.

⭐ ️Cotton - I chose cotton as my main design medium as it is biodegradable, soft to wear, anti-allergic, colourful, and extremely flexible to let my imagination flow.

⭐  ️Handmade - I take great pride in making each piece by hand.

⭐  ️Local - I am based in London and make all my jewellery here. 

⭐  ️Woman-owned – A proud independent business owner. 

⭐  ️Planting 32 trees monthly – Handmade by Tinni has now partnered with Ecologi to become more climate positive and assist with reforestation.


See Paulomi's collection at Show&Tell here.